Thursday, April 28, 2011

iBot Tool - Update

The best tool for iBot - International Silkroad Online Bot
version - iBot Tool -
Only use this download link!
md5: 1364dc087c85f0334fda94c48a63f47a
This tool isn't made to steal your account.
If you don't trust this, block it in your firewall or don't use it.
  • iBot Tool
    • Bugfix: Check if clientless is necessary
  • WalkScriptCreator 2.0
    • Removed "Insert coördinate" from the menu, it's now directly integrated in the normal system. (You just select a coördinate in the list, and the new coördinate will be inserted at that place, automaticly)
    • Improved error handling
    • Added ALL monster spawns
      • Added name + ID of the monster
    • Added ALL npc's
      • No name displayed yet.
    • Added ALL unique spawns
    • When you delete a coördinate you won't go back to the start of the list
    • When you insert a coördinate you won't go back to the start of the list
    • Added an option to show the NPC's
    • Added an option to show the Monster spawns
    • Added an option to disable "info displaying"
    • Added an option to show the Unique spawns
Unpack the map files in your iBot folder, hold the pictures in the original map! 
Please report bugs
You are free to make suggestions
Thank you

EDIT: I can't work on iBot Tool for now, because my computer is broken :(.

Note: Place this tool in the same folder as iBot!


  1. nice update!=)

    walkscriptcreator is now much better!


  2. Great update:D

    Reminder: coordinate uplooker(fillin coord en he shows it on the map :P)(pt spotsetting)(doubleclicking a coord in the list shows that coord and goes to that part of the script)(easy editing)

  3. nice update, but need auto detect statue of justice on walcscript creator
    maybe you can find a way to show all statue of justice and show them on the map =)

  4. @Anonymous, not possible, because it's stored on the server, and not like the npc or mob spawns at the client. (A gm will spawn them randomly).

  5. hi man i hope you could make new tool for china res plzzzzzzzzz

  6. Thank you for the update, I'll try it now, i hope you fixed the bug of typing the PW wrong ;)

  7. wanneer is er weer een nieuwe update?

  8. Like I said in the blog, my pc was broken. I bought a new one now. (Installing right now)

  9. ey gaat er morgen of overmorgen weer een update komen??

    jammer dat de bot het nu niet doet :(