Saturday, March 26, 2011

iBot Tool - Update

The best tool for iBot - International Silkroad Online Bot
version - iBot Tool -
Only use this download link!
md5: cec29a83ffb4607ff397d40ec8ef2c3d

This tool isn't made to steal your account.
If you don't trust this, block it in your firewall or don't use it.

  • Automaticly use clientless when sro_client is already running
  • You can't run multiple instances of iBot Tool (You need only one ^^)


  • Fixed Register OCX files
  • Fixed Configfile loader
Thanks to e.smigelskis and IM_DUTCH for reporting the bug!
Thanks to Call for reporting the configfile bug!

Please report bugs
You are free to make suggestions
Thank you

Note: Place this tool in the same folder as iBot!


  1. can you make guide how to use this and add more screenshots

  2. Oke, I'll post it tomorrow, have to go offline now.

    But a short one here:

    Place the file in the same folder as iBot
    and run this tool.
    Configure the settings (Login ID, pass etc.)
    The loginserver doesn't really matter, just choose one ;)
    And press launch iBot

    Good Luck

    BTW if you have still questions, please post them here! :D

  3. Why doesn't it save the configurations.. its very annoying 2 keep on entering them :S

  4. is it possible to hide ibot tool or can i just close it? And some1 made pt buffer for iBot so can we use it and ibot tool together?

  5. Call said...
    Why doesn't it save the configurations.. its very annoying 2 keep on entering them :S

    It does save it..? But you have to restart it one time, then you can just select a config

    jfsdgjsghf said...
    is it possible to hide ibot tool or can i just close it? And some1 made pt buffer for iBot so can we use it and ibot tool together?

    You can just close it(after starting ibot), but I gonna make an option that you can set it to the background. I will also make an auto party buffer (Probably) if my walkscriptcreator is done ;).

    I will upload the new version as soon as possible (when it's finished and hopefully without bugs ^^)

  6. I did it only saved the configs of my first char which loads on startup but it doesn't load config of another char in the list, it shows me its character name but no boxes checked no passses and login servers on 0

  7. Hmm, you are sure that you click launch with the other character?
    And please take a look at your config[ibot tool]
    do you see the settings there?

  8. it says my pw is dfceik in that thing.. and such all false info
    ima try 2 delet eit
    and see wht happens


    What happend = i deleted it, i logged in a first char, it saved it all fine, logged a second char in reopend the ibot tool and it showed me blank info at the spots my username and pw should be. and the server was also reset to 0

  9. Hmm oke, btw the password is encrypted ;) so that's not a bug :P. But I gonna look at it.

  10. Haha fail >.> found the bug already. First my tool had another name, and I forgot to change the name here.

    Thx for the bug report!

  11. I love you bro, im gonna tell everybody i know from your program(ibotusers ofc) xD

  12. main i see your working on a walkscript creator ?:O, if you make that.. Whaaow.. no words, 2 many props, ehm could u explain what the lure script is 4?

  13. The lurescript is very easy, if you are a warrior you maybe want to lure. So you enter the coördinates(Of the position where you want to walk to). And how many times you want to loop. (Par example: loop = 10, you will walk 10 times to the coördinates you entered). The delay means how long you are waiting in the centerpoint (in milliseconds)

    If you want to cast some spells (on yourself) enter them in the textbox behind the "skill:"

    1. You have to set it as a walkscript and you cannot give buffs to other people!
    2. Sometimes iBot don't recognize it as a trainscript, unfortunatly. Then you have to lower the loops.

  14. Pt buffer / multiclient are important. Most of ppl dont want to open 3 different window to bot with 1 char. Multiclient, like sroking has is best. So you open 1 window and see every char hp and mp and you can hide all of clients. I can give you more information if you need, thx.

  15. okay, so what it does is it attracts mob outside of your training area when its lik empty?
    i don't get it. Anyways how is the walkscript creator/autobuffer coming along, most wanted things for ibot you know, ;D

  16. It's almost finished, the coördinate system in jangan cave is a little bit fcked up. But I solved that now :D

    @TheRock, I know what you mean, if I finished this I will take a look at it! :D

  17. heey u should add a kill command at the walkscript maker :)